Tom S

Bney Dror, Israel

About Me

I am Co-Founder & CTO at an Israeli equity crowdfunding platform aimed at helping small businesses match with the right investors for their business.

My Areas of Expertise

Ever since I was young, I've been interested in technology, and over the years, I have developed a variety of skills relevant to the online tech industry. I believe that technology represents smarter ways of doing things, and in my opinion, the internet is the revolutionary solution of our times, improving communication and information gathering.


Your Investment Range
US$10,000 To US$100,000


Pre-Startup/R&D, MVP/Finished Product, Achieving Sales, Breaking Even, Profitable, Other


Agriculture, Automotive, Aviation, Biotechnology & Life Sciences, Building Services & Products, Education & Training, Energy & Mining, Entertainment & Film, Fashion & Beauty, Finance, Business & Law, Food & Beverage, Greentech & Environmental, Hospitality, Restaurants & Bars, Internet, eCommerce & Apps, IT, Hardware & Software, Manufacturing, Marketing & Advertising, Media & Publishing, Medical, Pharma & Health Care, Personal Services, Products & Inventions, Real Estate, Retail, Security & Defence, Sport & Leisure, Technology, Telecom & Mobile, Tourism & Hotels, Transportation





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